Technology consulting


In these times of unimaginable technologies, good office and management tools are vital to improve the efficiency of any organisation in increasingly competitive environments.

Improving response times and the need to access potential customers means having reliable information systems at an affordable cost.

The success of organisations is determined by how they grow, not by growth per se. Today, technology, no longer an economy of scale, has become a vital tool to:

  • Optimising administrative processes
  • Minimise errors
  • Integrity of information with linear processes and traceability of information.

At Genius Asesores we are specialists in::

  • Development of customised office automation tools (VBA-Access client-server environment)
  • Development of utilities/plugins complementary to business management applications on the market
    • A3 enviroment
    • Softwafe del Sol (Contasol, FactuSol, NominaSol)
    • External data sources (MySql, Sql, …)