Accounting advice

At Genius Asesores we know that for many companies, accounting is only a mere procedure to calculate the company’s taxation. However, it is the best tool for decision-making or, failing that, to objectify the subjective perception that the employer has every day. Many companies and professionals do not have enough time, training or human resources to take care of tasks that a priori seem unproductive.

From Genius Asesores we offer the possibility of subcontracting the preparation of accounting and provide useful information in a timely manner.

Among the accounting services we offer are the following:

  • Tax accounting : If you only need to comply with tax and commercial obligations
  • Management accounting : If you need detailed information by cost centers, with monitoring of internal ratios or simply want to see the information in a personalized way based on your needs
    1. budget accounting
    2. Analytical accounting by ledger account or by cost center
    3. Periodic monitoring of ratios and cost structure:
      • margin on sales
      • purchases over sales
      • sales staff
      • Deadpoint
      • interannual variations
  • Budget accounting : Control your tax burden and its deviations in advance
  • Accounting advice in general : If you prefer to carry out your day-to-day work from your company, we take care of periodically reviewing your company’s accounting as well as resolving any doubts that may arise in accounting.
    • Invoicing review and formal requirements for invoice issuance
    • Review and scoring of supplier and customer account balances
    • Balance sheet review