Working calendar 2024

The labor calendar corresponding to the year 2023 is now available. To access the calendar of your locality we provide you with the following link on the CAIB website

Work calendar: Work calendar 2024 Illes Balears

At the same time, we remind you of the obligation to display it in the workplace in a visible place so that all workers can consult it.

On the other hand, we remind you of the obligation to keep a record of the working hours of ALL workers, in this sense, the actions of the Labor Inspectorate in the control of this business obligation focus on two fundamental aspects:

  • That part-time work contracts include the hourly distribution of the workday agreed with the worker, in order to verify that the effective hours of work coincide with those contracted and quoted.
  • That the daily record of working hours be carried out, with monthly totalization, which must be delivered to the worker, differentiating ordinary hours from complementary and extraordinary hours, affecting both part-time and full-time contract workers.